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Personal Chef Meals Delivered

Let's work out your custom delivery menu together.

included in this service is:

  • Shopping 
  • Hand picking the finest ingredients at the best prices. 
  • Preparation of salads, soups, entrees and sides. 
  • Packaging
  • Delivery

Dinner Parties

Family Style

Meals are perfect for when you want casual dining experience. The food is placed on the table in large platters and your guests are free to serve themselves at their own pace. 


Coursed meals are more formal. The chef plates each course of the meal to his or her specific menu design with artistic passion, and serves each course separately to each individual guest.

​​Meal Drop Off

A fully prepared and packaged meal delivered and served at your leisure.

Holding A Date 
A date can be held on a first come first serve basis for 48 hours. A deposit is required to save and hold an event date thereafter. 

The Deposit

Is a partial event payment. The balance is due for all services rendered on the day of the event and agreed upon by all parties at booking. Changes to the event can be made up until one week before the event date. Such as menu, head count, and pricing.

Additional charges

Will incur when there is hand washables such as fine china, silver, and crystal.

Cancelation Policy And Payments
Once the deposit has been taken for the agreed upon proposal, the event can be cancelled and the deposit refunded 100% up until two weeks prior to the event date. After the two week cancellation period the deposit is 50% refundable until one week prior.  After one week prior to the event date the deposit is non-refundable.

Force Majeure
Th Chef shall not be liable for the losses resulting from nonfulfillment of any terms or provisions of this Contract, if Chef shall be prevented or delayed from performing in whole or in part because of war, riot, strike, or flood or by any other act or occurrence not within the reasonable control of Chef, which it could not prevent.